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Crystal California manufactures energy-efficient, quality windows and doors for replacement and new construction applications; and offers a wide variety of types, styles, and options to suit any architectural design in the residential and commercial community throughout Southern California and beyond. Crystal California products carry NAMI and NFRC certifications, deliver low U-values (U-factors) and outstanding solar heat gain coefficients (SGHC), and include reliable warranties.

The Cystal California manufacturing plant is a 116,000 square foot building on a nine-acre site conveniently located near the junction of the I-215 and routes 91 and 60 in the city of Riverside. The facility features state-of-the-art automated window, door, and insulated glass production.

In addition to providing quality manufacturing, Crystal places an equally important emphasis upon superior customer service. Crystal works hard to ensure that all customers are happy with Crystal products. That is why Crystal employs some of the window industry's most highly skilled, experienced management and manufacturing personnel.


Crystal California was established in January 2012 as Crystal Pacific and is a member of the Crystal family of companies, which includes manufacturing facilities and related building products and services subsidiaries in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Missouri – all from a small start-up begun by Taiwanese immigrant Thomas Chen in 1990. Crystal is now a top-50 window manufacturer in North America.

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Crystal is an award-winning manufacturer of energy-efficient, quality vinyl and aluminum windows, and high-end fenestration systems for residiential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Crystal's product and service benefits are many: qaulity workmanship, full energy-efficient product line, innovative product features, green manufacturing, and extraordinary value. The extended Crystal family of companies includes not only fenestration manufacturing, but also aluminum extrusion and solar energy.

Crystal California is proud to be part of the Crystal family of companies. Come grow with us and let's continue to make window and door history.

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