MAGNUS Builder Windows

Simple Design & High Performance

Magnus Builder Windows combine simplicity with high performance. Energy efficient types and styles are available for large new construction and replacement projects.

Every builder window is custom made to your specifications using high-quality vinyl and high-performance glass. Magnus Builder Windows are durable and stylish with features and options that make them ideal for projects that require simplicity.

XO Slider with Nail Fin (exterior shown)

Types & Styles

Build the greatest views imaginable

Choose from the following windows featuring 2‑11/16‑inch frames and 3/4‑inch insulated glass units. Other geometric and combination windows available.

  • HS Slider
  • XO
  • OX
  • Outside View
  • HS Slider
  • XOX
  • XOX3
  • SH Single Hung
  • SH
  • SH3
  • PW Fixed
  • O
  • Geometrics
  • Combo Stack
  • XO/PW
  • SH/PW/SH

Features & Benefits

Designed for performance, beauty & style

  • High-quality vinyl Cadmium and lead-free PVC frame material, core.
  • Durable multichambered frame For strength, energy performance, and efficient water drainage.
  • High-performance glass Increases energy efficiency and acoustical properties.
  • Simple usability Durable sweep lock, pull rail, easy sliding with dual rollers, and easy-lift balance system.
  • Better screens Easy-to-remove standard screen. Screens are not a fall prevention device.


Maximize performance, beauty & style

  • Choose white, beige or clay Lead times may vary. White is standard.
  • Useful accessory groove Accepts a variety of accessories, such as jamb extensions, brick molds and other special acceessories.
  • Increase energy efficiency LowE3 performance glass with Argon gas available.