CrystalWall Bifold Doors

Expand your space with folding doors

CrystalWall Bifold Doors are a premium solution for spaces that need a wide, unobstructed opening. A variety of energy efficient types and styles are available to expand spaces to the outside for light-commercial and residential projects.

Every bifold door is custom made to your specifications using premium vinyl and high-performance glass. And because CrystalWall Bifold Doors are part of the Valencia Series, the same high quality and outstanding performance can be expected for a greater experience.

Bi-Fold Door
CrystalWall Bifold Door (interior shown)

Types & Styles

Create the greatest spaces imaginable

Choose from the following bifold doors featuring 3/4 or 2 inch high thresholds. Panels fold inward to the left or right. End-active panels are inswing.

  • 3-Panel 330
  • 330L330L
  • 33OR330R
  • Outside View
  • 3-Panel 321
  • 321L321L
  • 321R321R
  • 4-Panel 431
  • 431L431L
  • 431R431R
  • 5-Panel 550
  • 550L550L
  • 550R550R
  • 5-Panel 541
  • 541L541L
  • 541R541R
  • 5-Panel 532
  • 532L532L
  • 532R532R

Features & Benefits

Designed for performance, beauty & style

  • Premium vinyl Durable uPVC with unique formulation and high-definition finish.
  • Efficient design Multichambered frame and reinforced sash with compression-seal technology provide strength and efficiency.
  • Energy-efficient glass Insulated glass units (dual pane) with a high-performance stainless steel spacer system. Tempered 1/8 glass is standard. Includes LowE3 performance glass with Argon gas.
  • Durable multipoint locking High-quality locking system includes lever-locking mechanism and multiple locking points.
  • Bottom-hung system Load bearing rolling gear mounts through steel reinforcement for long-lasting, smooth operation.


Maximize performance, beauty & style

  • Enhance any color scheme CrystalCoat™ exterior color coatings available with white interior.
  • Improve acoustical properties Dissimilar glass units and laminated glass available.